Pilies street defines Vilnius old city, which is among biggest in Europe. Step out from apartment, and You are in middle of Pilies street with it's bustling life - crafts, people, cafe's and small shops will let You feel historic nature of our city. Pilies street forms a natural connection between City hall and Gediminas castle, and You will be in middle betwen them when You step out form apartment.

In the apartment You will find both carefully renovated authentic historic details, bearing their stories from XVII century. House in PIlies street was built in first half o f XVI century, during the ages got variuos reconstructions however most authentic details are preserved. Here one of the first printing shops, also one of the first bookstores in Vilnius were established by merchant Sava Syrkin bookstore, 1870-1922. Photographer Icik Chonovich had his photostudio in the building 1871-1887.

Between 1917 and 1918 the Lithuanian Council held its sittings in House of Signatories (50 meters down Pilies street) and the Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed here on 16 February 1918.

On Pilies street You can find variuos shops, cozy cafe's and restaurants, churches (including Orthodox churches as well),  Lithuanian craftsman selling their wares and usually lot's of tourists wandering around, as Pilies street is a must when You are in Vilnius